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Tips to Stay Fit on the Road

Here are my top five tips on how to keep fit on the road.

1. Learn about what you can do with body-weight exercise. A few push ups in your hotel room require nothing but determination.

2. Don't skip breakfast, but do get all the food at once. You'll be shocked at how much you are intending to eat when you see all the plates laid out in a row.

3. Travel with protein bars and keep them in your hand luggage.

4. Never go to a business dinner feeling hungry.

5. Enjoy dessert if you have it. Just don't whine to everyone else about how you really shouldn't.

It has taken me 20 years of travelling to realize that I can travel and be healthy, just not all the time. The excuses pour out faster than barnaise sauce on steak: I don't have time, I am too tired, I had to have that 10-course meal just to be polite. Rubbish. With 90,000 miles so far travelled this year I can tell you it's perfectly possible. Keeping fit on the road is a state of mind. Get that in good shape and the body will follow.

Richard Quest is CNN's international business correspondent and presents Quest Means Business. Follow him on Twitter @richardquest

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